Speakeasy Quick English Test

01 Would you like a piece of cake? Yes, I ___.
do like would will
02 Please don't disturb me now. I ___ to finish my work.
will try try have tried am trying
03 Does he work? Yes, usually he ___ eight hours a day.
works is working work has worked
04 How can I help you? I'd like ___ about this product.
the information to inform any information some information
05 I'd like some juice please. I'm afraid there isn't ___.
more anything any some
06 Where is your mobile phone? I ___ it last week.
have lost loose was losing lost
07 Is your mother ___ your father? No, I don't think she is.
more taller than so tall as taller than tall like
08 Can I help you? Yes, I am looking ___ Ms Miller's assistant.
for at after to
09 Why are you in such a hurry? There isn't ___ time. The concert's going to start soon.
many any much some
10 Where are you staying? I'm staying ___ Mrs Roberts and her family.
by at with among
11 Has he written to his old colleague? Yes, he ___ him an e-mail last week.
has written was writing had written wrote
12 She likes hiking in the mountains ___?
wouldn't she doesn't she won't she isn't she
13 Do you eat meat? Not any more, but I ___.
use to am used to was used used to
14 This is my first visit to this hairdressers. Who ___ to before?
are you going went you you went did you go
15 Did you have time to prepare for the lesson yesterday? Yes, but only ___.
any not much a few a little
16 Can I borrow some money from you? I'm very ___ of cash at the moment.
down scarce low short
17 Do you have any idea who she is? No, she didn't ___ her name.
say me say to me tell me tell to me
18 Everything was clear. The instructor ___ to explain it again.
may not musn't didn't need needn't
19 That building is in a terrible state. You can see it ___ repaired for years.
hasn't been wasn't isn't hadn't been
20 My motorbike is broken but it's not worth ___.
repairing to repair to repair it to be repaired
21 I'm terribly tired. Well, I suggest ___ to bed.
you go you to go you going you went
22 Why didn't you tell me? You ___ angry if I had.
were were to be had been would have been
23 Here is your book back. Thank you, I don't even remember ___ it to you.
to lend lending my lend me to lend
24 Is he coming to the party? Well, I asked him ___.
if he will come will he come if he was coming would he come
25 I'm fine, it's only a little scratch. ___ you better see a doctor?
wouldn't shouldn't won't hadn't
26 Do I have to get ready now? Yes, it's time we ___.
went would go will go go
27 Do you like your new car? Yes, it's small but it ___ my needs perfectly.
settles meets supplies fills
28 Unfortunately yesterday's bus strike meant ___ the start of class.
have delayed delay to delay delaying
29 I wrote to the manager ___ to getting my money refunded.
in the hope on the question with the aim with a view
30 Did you know anybody at the meeting yesterday? No, nobody ___ the boss.
except apart other rather

0-3 Beginner | 4-8 Elementary | 9-12 Pre-Intermediate | 13-19 Intermediate | 20-24 Upper-Intermediate | 25-30 Advanced and Higher

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